Alumni Profile of Rachel (Dwan) Thomas Class of '95

I attended Litchfield Montessori School from the ages of 2 until I was 11 (years: 1987-1995). Since leaving Litchfield Montessori School I have graduated from Curry College, receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Upon graduating I attended NEMTEC (New England Montessori Teacher Education Center) in Boston to complete my American Montessori Society training in ages 2 1/2 ro 6. Following that, I moved to New York City to live with my sister Hannah. In the last year I have moved from New York to New Orleans and gotten married to my husband who is a Chef here in the city.

My Montessori education has absolutely everything to do with who I am as a person today. Montessori is my life philosophy and I am incredibly passionate about my work as a Montessori School Teacher. Montessori education has instilled in me a life long love of learning, a fierce need to feel independent and the desire to always explore and incorporate adventure into my life.

I have all wonderful memories of LMS. Some of my favorites are being read to by my teacher Grail outside on the basketball courts, the many plays we put on in our Lower Elementary class and going on our Upper Elementary class trip to Natures Classroom. I also have wonderful memories of the various art projects I did in Danielle Mailer's classroom.

Some materials that I feel I connected with at a young age were the red rods. I recall being in Elaine's class and building all different types of mazes out of the red rods, I loved walking through them and trying to maintain my balance. I also enjoyed creative writing-drawing a picture at the top of the page and then writing a story about it was something I was always excited to do in the classroom. As a child in the Upper Elementary I recall being very interested in learning about the evolution of man and loved writing book reports.

Rachel's father, John Dwan, continues to serve on the LMS Board of Trustees.

Above Rachel is pictured with her husband Matthew Thomas and with Grail Kearney during her time at LMS
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