Alumni Profile of Tyler Miller '06

I attended LMS from 1995 to 2006. I started when I was two and a half years old even though there was no YPC program back then.

I went onto Washington Montessori after LMS. After that, I attended the Taft School, and currently am a sophmore at Georgetown.

I’m reminded almost daily of how lucky I was to receive a Montessori education. The desire to learn and motivation to keep up with my schoolwork that Montessori taught me is absolutely amazing. Of course, the community aspect also rubbed off on me, and Montessori really gifted me the ability to work with my peers.

I have lots of great memories from all different areas of LMS. Probably my best memory is spending afternoons reading the Redwall books with Elaine. Not only did it teach me to read and love reading, but also let me bond with one of my favorite teachers. I can also remember how much fun I had building forts at recess and playing with/taking care of the various class pets we had. I’ll also always have great memories of some of the trips I took while at LMS whether it was skiing for gym class or an overnight at Sturbridge Village.

In Children’s House, I remember my two favorite materials were the bead frame and a small tool we were allowed to use to crack nuts for snack time. I remember I could not understand the reason I had to use the tool, so I would just stomp on the nuts to crack them instead to my teachers’ dismay. (Not sure if you want to include that or not, feel free to take it out) In Lower Elementary, my favorite activity was definitely the stamp game where I developed my love of math. In Upper Elementary, the weekly poem memorizations was among my favorite activities, and the memorization and public speaking lessons it taught are still very helpful today.

I was lucky enough to be able to ski with the current Upper Elementary group when I was home for winter break a few weeks ago, and it brought back many fond memories of my LMS days.

Tyler's father serves on the Board of Trustees.

Above Tyler is pictured with a photo of him during his time at LMS.
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