Why should I visit and observe before bringing my child?
In an initial visit without your child you will have an opportunity to tour the school, observe a classroom in action and talk with teachers and the Head of School.   You will have an opportunity to ask questions, learn about the school and discuss at length free from concern with your child’s presence.

What will happen in the admissions visit with my child?
After the initial parent visit in which you will observe in a classroom, tour the school and have an opportunity to talk with and ask questions of an Admissions person and the Head of School, we will schedule a visit with you and your child.   On that second visit your child will spend time with a Montessori teacher who will give your child a chance to work with some classic Montessori materials and activities and explore a classroom while you talk more with the Head of School.

What characteristics are you looking for in my child?
We are looking for children who are open to learning and who use their natural curiosity in new situations to explore and discover.   Toddlers and 3-year olds generally respond quickly and easily to work with a Montessori Directress.  Older children who have had previous Montessori schooling will also respond readily.  In other older children who have not had Montessori schooling, we hope to see a child who adapts easily and openly and who can learn in new ways.
Can I enroll my child mid-year?
Depending on the age of the child, the time in the school year, and the child’s previous school experience, we are happy to consider mid-year enrollment.  Mid-year changes are more often successful with the youngest children, who are the most adaptable.  We welcome mid-year enrollment of children whose families have recently moved to the area and especially in those cases where children have had previous Montessori schooling.

When should I begin the admissions process?
We recommend that you begin the admissions process as soon as possible to allow you ample time to learn about the school before making your decision to apply.  We welcome inquiries at any time of the year and make decisions on a rolling basis.
What are the deadlines for application?
We accept applications at any time and make decisions on a rolling basis.  We encourage applications by early spring for September enrollment because levels can fill quickly. 
Are there current parents I can talk to? 
Because parents are such an integral part of the Litchfield Montessori School community, they are eager to talk with prospective parents.  Please call the school at 860 283 5920 to make a connection with current parents in your area and who have children of your child’s age.
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