Where Do Our Graduates Go?

Given the school’s careful dedication to the development of its students’ natural intellectual curiosity, creativity, and discipline, graduates of Litchfield Montessori School are welcomed at and are strong contributors to their next schools.  Our graduates have gone on to Washington Montessori School, Rumsey Hall School, Ethel Walker School, Talcott Mountain School, and Indian Mountain School, as well as area public middle schools. After middle school, our graduates go on to both public high schools in the area and the finest independent schools such as Westminster, Taft, Loomis Chaffee, Choate-Rosemary Hall, Hotchkiss, Avon Old Farms, Chase Collegiate, Cheshire Academy, The Gunnery, Foote School, Forman, and The Master’s School.  Their teachers at these schools often remark on our students’ creative problem–solving, insightful questioning, eager initiative, and strong ability to work with others collaboratively.  After high school, LMS students enroll at the country’s finest colleges and enter a variety of fields.  Our graduates can be found working in law, medicine, education, sustainable farming, business, counseling, and the arts.  Montessori education opens the child to the delights of exploring the world, to seeing and taking advantage of opportunities, and to the value of making a difference.  They are lifelong learners and contributors to their communities.

Some of the most creative people of this and past generations have been Montessori educated, including people on the forefront of technology such as Larry Page and Sergey Brin, co-founders of Google; Jeffrey Bezos, founder of Amazon.com; and Will Wright, designer of the computer simulation models The Sims; professionals in the arts such as Colombian Nobel Prize winner and writer Gabriel Garcia-Marquez; Katharine Graham, owner and editor of The Washington Post; virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell; and actors Helen Hunt and George Clooney. Jean Piaget, noted Swiss psychologist and theorist on cognitive development in children, whose ideas influence much of educational philosophy today, was the head of the Swiss Montessori Society; current noted pediatrician and author of books on raising children, T. Berry Brazelton, was Montessori educated.
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