Why Choose an Independent School?

The most important investment parents can make is in their child's future - and the future is what independent schools are all about.  We nurture children and help them grow into knowledgeable, respectful and generous citizens of their communities.

Let’s be honest: the fast-moving and complex world of the 21st century can be dizzying and confusing, even to adults; children are forced to grow up quickly as they encounter in social settings and in the media situations beyond their maturity level or ability to understand.  We look for ways to protect the innocence of our young children while still teaching them about the realities of the world they will enter as adults.  Independent schools, because they offer a more personalized education in smaller classrooms with attentive teachers, can help our children encounter and understand the world from a safe and nurturing environment.

Independent Schools, not part of the public system or controlled by any more than minimal governmental oversight of their educational programs, can provide an education to families that is innovative and quickly responsive to the needs of each individual child.  An independent school is run by its professionals on site, by a strong head and well-qualified, committed teachers who are free to develop the curriculum that will best fulfill the carefully articulated mission of the school.  Litchfield Montessori School offers small classrooms with at least two trained teachers in each who work with each child individually every day and who know each child’s needs and learning characteristics.  They help their students develop intellectually but also help them learn the value of hard work, respect for others, leadership, and personal responsibility as well as how to be good citizens of the world today.
The teacher, of course, determines the learning experience in a classroom, but the attitudes and behaviors of the children in the class are important factors in a classroom environment, too.  Children in independent schools come from families who care about education and are willing to commit the financial resources required to provide this opportunity to their children.  Their children, then, have learned from their parents that school is an important experience and thrive under the loving concern of both their parents and their teachers.  They want to learn.  These families become a vital part of the Litchfield Montessori Community and commit themselves to helping sustain not just a school, but a community of life-long learners that will influence a child throughout life.
Children grow through all of their experiences in life.  It is comforting to know that in an Independent school like Litchfield Montessori, the child’s school becomes a community made up of people who value learning and care about the needs of each child.
"Schools cannot start too early to encourage the refinement of taste in children, to present for their learning the fine gradations between right and wrong, and to support their treasuring of a sense of the past."
"The child is truly a miraculous being, and this should be felt deeply by an educator."
"There is no description, no image in any book that is capable of replacing the sight of real trees, and all of the life to be found around them in the real forest."
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