Why should I give to the Annual Fund if I already pay tuition?
Tuition covers only about 80% of the costs of educating children at Litchfield Montessori School.  We depend on annual donations from current and past parents, friends, grandparents, and alumni to bridge the gap in our budget to keep tuition at a level that will enable as many families as possible to take advantage of the educational opportunity the school offers.  Annual Fund donations allow us to sustain the high quality of education for all students.  The Annual fund also helps the school offer financial aid to deserving families and to broaden and enrich the educational experience of all students.

What will my gift be used for?
Because the Annual Fund supports the operating budget of the school, donations are used to purchase everything from the beautiful Montessori materials to art supplies to physical education equipment to books.  The Annual Fund also directly supports faculty salaries and financial aid.
Can I give a gift for a specific purpose?
Most gifts are non-restricted gifts to the Annual Fund, but if you have a special purpose in mind, please contact Betsy Johnson at 860.283.5920  or School Administrator, Debby DeGuire.

What kinds of gifts do you accept?
Cash gifts, gifts of securities, and corporate matching gifts offer the most flexibility for the school’s purposes, but we also accept gifts of necessary goods and services or equipment.
How do I give securities?
The process is very easy.  Please contact contact the school at 860.283.5920 .

Do you have an endowment fund?
Litchfield Montessori School does not currently have an endowment fund, a sum of money that would be invested to provide regular annual income to support the school’s budget. We hope to inaugurate such a fund as part of our current Strategic Plan.
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