Winter thoughts...

Some thoughts at the Winter Solstice:

On the shortest day of the year I take a break from reading student progress reports to walk our puppy, Molly, through the fields below Wigwam Road, and there, just barely visible in the humus, are the pale green tips of scads of daffodils. They are reminders, on this day when the solar cycle begins anew, that no matter how hard the winter, spring will come and the earth will experience the annual cycle of rebirth.

So, too, each student progress report I read contains evidence of promise. Some are small clues, some are really big steps, but all, like the tips of the daffodils, are indicators of what is to come - evidence of promise.

Schools are founded and staffed by optimists, by people who have faith in the future. You plant seeds, you help ideas and skills to germinate and you worry about providing the right balance of support and room to risk. You hope that the young people entrusted to you will blossom to their full potential, but you won’t know that for years. You can only try your best and trust that they, too, will learn to try their best.

The Laurel Ridge daffodils are the legacy of Virginia and Rémy Morosani who planted the first bulbs seventy years ago, a gift that continues to be protected and nurtured by their children. Litchfield Montessori School is the legacy of a group of parents brought together by Mary Loyer forty years ago, and nurtured by generations of faculty, parents and trustees.

The Morosani gift continues to bring beauty and joy to uncounted people each spring. The gift of our founders continues to mold the future lives of countless students. Both the daffodil fields and the school are places of promise and of faith in the future.

May the coming year be one of promises fulfilled...
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