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The playground was alight with the sunshine
As the sun rose in the morning it blessed us with a wonderful weather for our playdate. It was a lovely chance to connect with old friends and welcome new families to our community. There was some very serious working happening in the sandbox. The... more
Spring Thoughts Though the wind is whipping up tonight and the temperature is dropping from 71 yesterday to 31 as I write this, the daffodils are up with their bright yellow blooms. Proof that Spring has arrived! We have endured a cold winter with... more
I recently recommended a book to a friend, and his response was, “Yeah, I heard it was good, so I downloaded it to my Kindle and I’ll get to it someday.” I wonder if he will, or if it will just be part of a growing list of “someday” titles easily... more
A big benefit of sprucing up the school’s front yard was the chance to move the Peace Pole to a spot right by the front door. In its former location, the pole stood often unnoticed, even by the little children who snuck a walk round the pavers... more
As the outer bands of Hurricane Sandy blew by outside, a visitor asked about the object hanging above my office door: “what’s that?” “That” is the end of a boomkin - a spar that extends aft from the stern of a boat, used to attach the backstay. This... more
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