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Spring Thoughts Though the wind is whipping up tonight and the temperature is dropping from 71 yesterday to 31 as I write this, the daffodils are up with their bright yellow blooms. Proof that Spring has arrived! We have endured a cold winter with... more
I recently recommended a book to a friend, and his response was, “Yeah, I heard it was good, so I downloaded it to my Kindle and I’ll get to it someday.” I wonder if he will, or if it will just be part of a growing list of “someday” titles easily... more
A big benefit of sprucing up the school’s front yard was the chance to move the Peace Pole to a spot right by the front door. In its former location, the pole stood often unnoticed, even by the little children who snuck a walk round the pavers... more
As the outer bands of Hurricane Sandy blew by outside, a visitor asked about the object hanging above my office door: “what’s that?” “That” is the end of a boomkin - a spar that extends aft from the stern of a boat, used to attach the backstay. This... more
Watching our Upper Elementary students piling their gear onto the bus for their overnight to White Memorial I was struck by the amount of stuff they were taking. Good grief: this was a 29-hour overnight, on a balmy autumn day with a daytime high 78... more
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