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As the outer bands of Hurricane Sandy blew by outside, a visitor asked about the object hanging above my office door: “what’s that?” “That” is the end of a boomkin - a spar that extends aft from the stern of a boat, used to attach the backstay. This... more
Watching our Upper Elementary students piling their gear onto the bus for their overnight to White Memorial I was struck by the amount of stuff they were taking. Good grief: this was a 29-hour overnight, on a balmy autumn day with a daytime high 78... more
Watching our Elementary students present A Midsummer Night’s Dream one could not help but be impressed by the individual performances and by everything about the production. How wonderful that our students were undaunted by Shakespeare, and that... more
This is the time of year that many take their children south to visit grandparents and get a head start on baseball season. I remember back to when we would pile our three sons in the station wagon and make the trek down I-95, and further back to... more
I thought the attached piece from the New York Times was worth sharing. Building a child’s self-control is an important part of our work as educators and parents. Alas, too often, it is confused with supporting self-esteem, which is a horse of a... more
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