"Bonnie" Day at Litchfield Montessori School

Litchfield Montessori School’s Primary level students in Susan Shea’s and Amy Smith’s classes recently enjoyed the classic literature of Eric Knight’s original edition of "Lassie Come Home”.  The story takes place in Scotland which offered the children opportunities to partake in further cultural experiences such as baking and enjoying Scottish shortbread, listening to the music of the bagpipes, and learning more about the collie breed of dog.

The students were treated with a visit of two real life “Lassies” owned by Sally and Bob Futh of Starberry Farm in Washington Depot.  Bob is currently President of the Collie Club of America. The Fuths demonstrated how to handle their collies, Freckles and Sunny, and allowed the children to walk them.

Of course no lesson on Scotland would be complete without the sounds of bagpipes and drums. Brian Horbal and Susan Bannay of the Litchfield Hills Pipe Band dressed in full regalia and shared Scottish tunes on the bagpipes with the drum accompaniment. Susan explained the various reasons for wearing the heavy woolen garb, socks and pouch as well as the name of the tartan kilt pattern. Joining them was Brian’s son, Aedan, a young apprentice on the drums and an LMS student.
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