Limericks- Upper Elementary Monday Night Writes

Upper El shared with us some of their very clever Monday Night Writes....

I'm sitting here with nothing to write
At this rate I'll be up all night
My brain's turning numb
Inspiration won't come
As I sit here with nothing to write
-Halena Weymouth

I once had a neighbor named Jim
who by accident broke a limb.
He fell from a tree
and busted his knee
and can no longer kick or swim.
-Griffin Powers

The Bass Case
There once was a young boy named Chase,
who wanted to learn to play bass.
He tried and he tried,
but he couldn't decide
the best way to open the case.
-Colin Terhune

There once was an old man named Wayne
who always complained of a pain.
The doctor, he said,
"It's all in your head,"
Wayne thought he was going insane!
-Mary Caruso

There once was a black and white kitten,
who once fit inside of a mitten.
But he grew to be large,
the size of a barge
and about him in folktales it's written.
-Marley Thompson

There was once a ship called Titanic.
It was very large and gigantic.
It hit an ice rock,
never made it to dock.
Causing all kinds of panic.
-Jenna Sittler
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