Mr. Wizard

If it is April then it is time for Mr. Wizard, Chris Canfield to make an appearance at LMS. Chris is Grail's husband and a science teacher...on spring break. What does he love to do on vacation? He loves coming for a visit and wowing the Elementary children with his wonderful and wild science projects.
First he brought out a large, clear, vessel with a million yellow cake sprinkles in it and only ONE black one. The impression was most appreciated. The children turned the closed container over and over until the one tiny, black sprinkle was revealed highlighting what a million of something looks like!
He also delighted us with a series of combustions. The last one quite loud and dramatic. All the while our mad cap professor explained the periodic table, the rearrangement of atoms, acids and bases and great terms like discrepant effects!
This wonderful arrangement of experiments never ceased to amaze and inform. What a brilliant way to learn about scientific principles.
Thank you, Chris! 
"Mr. Wizard" 2014
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"Mr. Wizard" 2014
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