Words from Montessori Middle School at Millstream

The Millstream Farm School does many special and unordinary classes and activities, one of which is dyeing natural fibers with natural pigments... Naturally. The students went through the process of preparing the wool of sheep and hair of alpacas for the dyeing procedures. The students were then given the materials to make a “sun oven” with which to “burn” the dye into the wool over the weekend. The students came into school that Monday with different color wools and 'sun oven' water. The students discovered that you need a certain ratio of water to dyeing material to wool to make the dyeing work. Some students had vibrantly colored wool and others had barely changed at all. - Ian

Author Peter Howe comes to our school and helps us to discover things to write about. We take about twenty minutes twice a week to journal – to write and sketch observations about the farm. We find a quite space to work outside by ourselves or with a friend, by the stream, on the swings, or even in the barn, anywhere we want as long as we are working. Then we just write and reflect about what interests us that day or week. Writing with Peter Howe is a wonderful educational experience. – Lydia and Jacy

Tom Elena comes to our school to teach science. Our most recent lesson was in geology. He told us all about his trip to Iceland, where he found volcanic rocks that were still hot from being underground, and we got to see many other amazing things. He told us about all the different categories of rocks, sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. We also got to go outside and identify rocks in the stone wall and learn about the different rocks in Connecticut. Tom Elena taught us so many things we did not know about science and geology. – Jacy and Lydia

Every other week we go to Downright Music, a music center in Collinsville. We get to choose if we want to play piano, guitar or drums. We play songs and get lessons for our instruments. Sam and I play piano, Jenna and Lydia play drums, and Ian and Jacy play guitar. We also do African drumming. Last week, we performed a song called “The Cuckoo.” - C.J.

For our first “Slow-Food Wednesday” we canned tomatoes with Amanda Glover. The morning that Amanda came we learned all about the chemistry of the tomato and its origin in South America. Then we learned how to blanch the tomato by plunging it into boiling water and then quickly into a bucket of ice. Our finished product is home-made canned tomatoes. - Sam

We painted the classroom floor in the barn two different shades of yellow, in a staggering checkerboard pattern. Inside the squares, we are going to paint our names in a radial motif so stylish you can scarcely make out the name. Sam’s uncle, Dave, helped us to paint and get going. The project will imprint memories for eternity. - Jenna
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