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Our new landscaping is complete and our new signs have been installed!  We're loving our new facelift and we hope you enjoy all the beautiful changes at LMS.  Many thanks to the following for their hard work:  Jessica Perkel and Sara Worden for the... more
We had a great Fall Festival this past Saturday thanks to all the hard work of the many volunteers led by Jane Spencer, Amanda Glover, Melissa Whitford and Michelle Brady. Also we would like to thank parents and friends for their donations, time and... more
I feel so lucky to have been able to attend Litchfield Montessori School. I can say with total conviction that I would neither be the person I am today nor be doing the things I am if I had not been taught by the many wonderful people at LMS. If I... more
YPC's new playground has been installed!  We would like to thank Natural Playgrounds in Concord New Hampshire for the playground and Don Lapointe and his team for the installation.  YPC can't wait to get back out there and test the new gear! more
I studied at University of Colorado-Boulder and graduated with a BA in Environmental Studies. During college I started working in Alaska during the summers and after college I lived in Hawaii during the winter. I worked various seasonal jobs during... more
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