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Sharing tokens of friendhsip this past Valentines! Enjoy! more
Upper El shared with us some of their very clever Monday Night Writes.... I'm sitting here with nothing to write At this rate I'll be up all night My brain's turning numb Inspiration won't come As I sit here with nothing to write -Halena Weymouth I... more
Ancient Egypt: Pyramids, hieroglyphics, the Giant Sphinx, and the mighty Pharaohs... Upper Elementary is diving deep into this rich ancient civilization of the Nile. In art class today the lessons continued, the students began making clay Canopic... more
6th Year Student CJ Silverman won our school-level competition of the National Geographic Bee by successfully outlasting his peers in several rounds of geography questions. Fellow 6th Year Students Gabrielle Tittle and Marley Thompson were 1st and... more
Litchfield Montessori Brainiacs returned victoriously from the State Competition! The team comprised of nine students, aged nine to twelve,  all of whom were rookies to the Lego® League and FIRST® Robotics competition. Out of the entire State, the... more
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