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Litchfield Montessori School’s Sixth and Seventh year students participated in Montessori Model United Nations: serving as delegates to the Republic of Senegal, an African Nation and as a judge on the International Court of Justice respectfully. The... more
Aesop’s beloved fables have stood the test of time over 2000 years!Students embarked on an exploration of story, character, theme, scenery and costume of the infamous Aesop. Each week they brought to life these colorful and playful fables. They... more
Several students enjoyed learning basic drumming patterns, build more complex patterns, sharpen eye hand coordination, learn to identify different sounds of drums and use percussion instruments.David Reynolds is founder of PowerPulse Drumming, a... more
Dr. Karpenko with Lower Elementary students on how nutrition influences muscles
We are what we eat! Lessons on nutrition and the kinesthetic effect of certain foods was demonstrated by current LMS Lower Elementary parent Dr. Stephen Karpenko. The presentation highlighted the direct impact of nutrition on our muscle strength and... more
Litchfield Montessori School’s Upper and Lower elementary students recently hosted their parents for a night school session. The students demonstrated lessons on various Montessori materials used for math, botany, science, cultural and language... more
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