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Raising a family in our fast-paced culture is no easy task, especially with the pressures imposed by work schedules, the expectation of immediacy brought on by technology, and the dilemmas posed by conflict resolution and power struggles!  

Maria Montessori believed deeply in the partnership between teacher and parents. She encouraged directresses to develop a close relationship with families and even do consultations in the home.  This relationship supports families to implement effective parenting practices and helps teachers to understand the complexities of various households, all of which helps us to meet the specific needs of each child.

Litchfield Montessori School wants to keep this tradition alive and support our parents with a robust Parent Education program. We offer all parents:

  • Six parent education discussions per year
  • Individualized follow-up conversations with the education coordinator and teachers
  • Mentoring for children and parents who request additional support.   

Even if you cannot attend a parent education class we encourage you to call or email with any and all questions/concerns and we'll take the time to talk and follow-up.  It is within the LMS mission to continue to develop an integrated support system between school and home.

These discussions are designed to present effective strategies including Positive Discipline, Raising Capable and Resilient Children, Effective Communication, Child Centered Problem Solving, Family Meetings, Avoiding Power Struggles.  During these discussions, you will be encouraged to what you are struggling with, and in turn we will offer you support during discussion but also with individualized follow-up adapted to your specific concerns. For those that cannot attend the Parent Education Blog will be updated after each session. 

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  • Sorting Emotion from Fact

    April 23rd, 2019 by Ed Thorney

    Have you ever tried what you thought would be a simple conversation with your child, only to have it spiral out of control? Don't worry - it has happened to all of us! Join us for a Parent Circle workshop where we learn to control difficult conversation by sorting our emotional reactions from the facts. 

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  • Using choice to combat oppositional behavior

    April 16th, 2019 by Cara Johnson

    Maria Montessori recognized that providing children with productive choices in the classroom drove engagement and focus. This became a guiding principle in her classrooms. Choice empowers children and gives them a feeling of agency. Think back to when you were small. Remember the things that you were or weren't allowed to do? 

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