After School Clubs are led by faculty or specialists offering a variety of topics from art, drama, African drumming and astronomy to knitting, cooking, jewelry making and many more.  All clubs begin after 3:00 pm dismissal.  Prior to each session, an information bulletin is emailed to families to assist in making selections.  Registration is based on a first come/first serve basis.

Winter 2019 After School Clubs Begin January 15th! 

Announcing the new line-up of Winter After School Clubs!  Don’t wait to sign-up for clubs, contact Betsy at 860-283-5920 or by e-mail at  After clubs begin, the business office will send you an invoice.  Snacks and materials are provided. 

Traditional Henna Club

Who: Ages 8 and older
When: Tuesdays from January 15 to February 19
Time: 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.
Limit: 5-15 participants
Cost: $150 each

Henna is an ancient form of temporary body art used by cultures across India, Northern Africa and the Middle East. Join henna artist, Elyse Sadtler, for an after-school series of how-to henna classes You'll explore what henna is, and learn basic design elements so you can draw beautiful henna designs on yourself, family and friends. All materials necessary to begin your own henna journey are included. 

Session 1: A Brief Overview of Henna 
Learn about its history, cultural significance, where it grows, the science of henna on skin and how to mix henna paste.

Session 2: Lines, Dots & Borders
Practice the basic building blocks of drawing with henna. Learn to control pressure, speed and flow while using a henna cone. 

Session 3: Checkered Patterns & Paisley
Put the skill learned in Session 2 to work by creating intricate grid motifs using simple line work. Perfect your paisley, too! 

Session 4: Mandalas, Flowers, Vines & Leaves
Learn to draw all of the classic Indian henna designs.

Session 5: Moroccan Motifs
Explore the Moroccan henna tradition by learning the basics of the geometric, linear Moroccan patterns. 

Session 6: Design Layouts
Learn some common design layouts and customize each with all you've learned throughout the series to make your own unique henna designs! 

Joyful Yogis

Who: Ages 6-8 years 
When: Tuesdays from January 15 – February 19 
Time: 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.
Limit: 4-8 Participants 
Cost: $120 each 

Join Judy Olsen for some Tuesday afternoon yoga. Yoga for the child improves their flexibility and mood, and increases their strength, concentration and focus. Most of all, it is just fun! Fees include snack and a yoga mat.

Abundant Circle 

Children need opportunities where they can creatively bring an idea to life while applying patience and skill. The ancient art of handcrafting allows children to fully engage in the creative process. In the Abundant Circlechildren explore the beauty of felting, sewing and beading, and create unique handcrafts. Children also work in the techniques of drawing, painting and collage as they give life to their creative expression.

Junior Abundant Circle 

Who: Ages 4-5 years
When: Wednesdays from January 16 to February 20
Time: 3:30-4:30 pm 
Limit: 4-7 Participants
Cost: $135

Elementary Abundant Circle

Who: Ages 6-12 years
When: Thursdays from January 17 to February 21
Limit: 4-10 Participants
Cost: $130