The visual, musical, and performing arts become an integral part of most learning projects in every classroom. In addition, students receive more formalized instruction in the arts.

Visual Arts 

  • Students study artists and develop art projects inspired by wide range of cultural experiences; for example, Faith Ringgold, Monet, Matisse and various Oaxacan artists.         
  • Students create and reflect upon their own art
  • Students learn to respond in a thoughtful manner to the art of others
  • Students learn to value the unique contribution of art to human experience
  • Students learn to relate art to its appropriate cultural, historical and time context.
  • Each year the students mount an art exhibition at the Oliver Wolcott Library in Litchfield. The children’s work is showcased in a Gallery at the library, and the art on exhibit revolves around a central theme. This past year the central theme was “Recycle by Making Art”, and each piece was made completely from recycled materials.

Musical and Performing Arts:

  • In their study of music, students develop an understanding of music’s strong link to history and culture.
  • In addition, students develop musical awareness and skills through singing, playing instruments, performing rhythms and moving and listening to music. 
  • Each year musical performance plays a central role in two wonderful school traditions: our Season of Lights holiday concert and our Moving On ceremony, where we bid farewell to our graduates.
  • Each year the Elementary students perform a classic play. Working in the performing arts, students create an awareness and understanding of character development, as well as cultivate skills in storytelling, voice, movement, improvisation and how to perform in front of a live audience.