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The Future of Diplomacy

March 27th, 2017

On March 8 – 11 the annual Montessori Model United Nations Conference was held in New York city. Two sixth year students from Litchfield Montessori School travelled to New York to take part in this conference: Jamison Dyer, 12 years old, from Northfield, CT, and Marley Burgess 11 years old, from Watertown, CT (from front right). 

Students in a Model UN simulation choose a country to represent, in this case the Republic of Lithuania. As ambassadors, they are assigned a current problem relevant to real issues being debated at the United Nations. Marley and Jamison’s work was focused on funding a new peacekeeping mission in Africa. To effectively represent Lithuania’s interest, they needed to understand the culture of the country they represented, as well as the political and economic stakes this country has in current peacekeeping missions. They also needed to develop a thorough understanding of the goals of UN peacekeeping missions, along with what is required to support them financially.

The students worked on this research project as part of their social studies curriculum throughout the course of the school year, and they drafted position papers on how to solve the issues at hand. Later, those position papers were turned into speeches that were delivered to their delegation at the committee meetings during the New York conference.

At the conference, the students spent two days debating the issues and drafting resolutions, in the same manner a real UN Committee would proceed, working to come to a solution by consensus. 

On the final morning, all of the delegates convened in the actual General Assembly of the United Nations to read their draft resolutions, and to vote to pass them into final United Nations Resolutions. We are proud to report that Marley and Jamison worked very hard with the other members of their delegation and both resolutions were passed by consensus in the General Assembly (pictured above).

The students who participate in Montessori Model United Nations are the youngest allowed to sit in the General Assembly of the United Nations and are the future of diplomacy within the United States. 

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