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UE Spring Backpacking Trip

May 22nd, 2017 by Cara Johnson

Last week the Upper Elementary students embarked on a new adventure, backpacking in the Taconic State Forest! The trip was focused on expedition behavior - in other words how do we all work together as a team to make sure we are safe and happy in the woods. We began by learning the difference between group needs and personal needs, and we divided up all the gear we would need as a group and each carried a share. 

Soon it was time to set out. Our packs were heavy but we didn't have to go very far.

We set up camp in a stand of beautiful old pines. Everyone had worked up a good appetite and lunch was delicious. 

We set up a latrine in the woods and there was even a seat! 

Once we were rested and our stomachs were full we set off on our hike up Mount Brace. It was a very hot day and we were lucky to be under the shade of the trees. Half way up the mountain we encountered an icy stream. The cold water felt wonderful and everyone decided to soak their heads! 

When we reached the summit of Mt. Brace the view was beautiful and it was so windy and cool. 

After a hearty dinner we had a campfire and enjoyed the evening. 

In the morning we had a big job! Pack up the campsite and get organized for our journey out of the woods. First we packed our own gear and then took down the tents. After breakfast we sorted out all the group gear and decided how to carry it out. We each took some food (lunch) in our packs and the leftover pots and pans went in an extra backpack which we carried over a walking stick. Before we left the site we made sure to leave no trace behind. We even fluffed up the leaves and twigs where our tents had rested. You couldn't even tell we had been there! 

We took a short hike up a neighboring peak to check out the view over the valley. Then it was off to explore the waterfall and cool off. 

We had a blast! After exploring the brook and cooling off, we headed back to school to share our adventures with our families! 

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