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Fall Mandala

October 13th, 2017 by Monika Geerling

As fall settles in the colors around us remind us of mother nature’s last hurrah before the colder months settle upon us. In art class, Sarah is teaching the children about the beauty and intention that lives within the creation of a mandala. Each child is in the process of designing their own personal mandala. As an extension, lower elementary took a walk in the woods and decided to make a mandala to celebrate mother nature’s abundance. As Ed brought us through the woods, the children collected items, leaves, ferns, acorns, rocks and bark. Once done collecting, we returned to the lower elementary campsite. There as group we began to construct our mandala. A process that required patience and communication. 

After completing the mandala, children shared their favorite pieces. 

“My favorite part of this mandala is that we worked together on it.” Joseph

“My favorite part of it was when we started it because it was more simple.” Leo

“Whatever everyone put down it reminds me of one of the people who put it down.”  Hadley

The last lesson the mandala teaches us is that life is always changing as nothing is permanent. The wind was quick to remind us of this as it sneaked in between our bodies blowing the leaves and ferns into a frantic fall dance.  




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