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Exciting news for LMS!

October 3rd, 2018

At LMS we are dedicated to teaching parents and the greater community about the link between children’s academic success, mental and physical well-being, and their connection to the natural world. This includes understanding where their food comes from! 

For a long time we have wanted to add a greenhouse to our propoerty, so that we can get plants ready to go in the ground early and make better use of our classroom gardens.  Each year we also incubate chickens, but they have always had to go to a new home once they grew to large for the cage. 

We are so exicted to annouce that with the generous support of a grant from the Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation we are finally going to be able to have both a chicken coop and a greenhouse at LMS! We are so grateful for the ongoing support of Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation and all that they do to support LMS. With the new chicken coop and green house children will be able to plant and maintain the gardens, learn to care for the birds, harvest the eggs, cook nutritious meals, and connect their food to its source. 

We hope to have the greenhouse and chicken coop up before the winter! Stay tuned! 

(Thomaston Savings Bank President, Steven Lewis, presenting
the grant check to Cara at last night's Foundation Awards Event)

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