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A Valentine's Surprise

February 13th, 2019 by Cara Johnson

Over the holidays our students made ornaments and decorated a tree that was given to the residents at the Brandywine Retirement Community. They had loads of fun making the ornaments and the tree was beautiful. Best of all it brought some holiday cheer to the common room at the center. 

This morning we heard back from our new friends at Brandywine. They had re-decorated the tree for Valentine’s Day and wanted the students to enjoy it. The dropped off the tree today with a basket of Valentine’s treats. 

Our Extended Day students were the first to see our Valentine tree! 

We hope to keep this friendship alive, and we are already planning the little tree’s redecoration for the next holiday so it can return to Brandywine with a new look! Thank you to our new friends for such a lovely and heartfelt Valentine. 


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