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  • Positive Change

    "This school changed the life of everyone in my family in a positive way. It gave our daughter the courage and methods to become herself. She remains close to people she met when she was four years old (15 years ago). We can't thank the school, teachers and other parents enough. You become part of the best family in the world."

    Parent of an LMS Graduate


    Learning Through Questioning

    "My child is now in high school.  Surprising to me, every one of her teachers commented in her recent end-of-semester reports that she is lively in class, asks great questions, and seems to genuinely love learning.  I credit Montessori with developing her ability to learn through questioning."

    Parent of a 2006 LMS Graduate

  • Learning Research Techniques at an Early Age

    "My child was so proud of her recent research project on the African pudu, an animal we had never heard of.  She confidently told us she had done “research” to find out all about this South African deer.  We were surprised because she is a very beginning reader, but she told us that an older student in the class had read the information to her.  Then she drew pictures of the animal and its habitat and made a lovely little book about it.  I have never seen her so thrilled with something she did at school!"

    Parent of a Lower Elementary Child

  • Math

    “I love the way my child has learned math: beginning in Children’s House she used materials that taught her to understand intuitively the foundations of operations like multiplication and division and the meaning of fractions.  She understands these better than I do and can explain them clearly when I ask!  She told me that she used Montessori methods to explain a complicated algebra division problem to her friend; she was so proud when her friend understood!”

    Parent of an LMS Graduate

  • Reading

    "The emphasis on reading is very important to me and the reason we have stretched financially to stay at LMS.  I love that my boy can sit in a quiet corner or lie on the floor and read a book by himself, share his ideas with his teacher, and even read to younger children."

    Parent of a 4th Year Child

  • Public Speaking

    "I credit Montessori with helping my child become confident as a public speaker.  All of the presentations they make, the fun performances throughout the year and the year-end play, Montessori Model UN, and of course that graduation speech that is always so impressive have helped him develop confidence and ease in front of a group."

    Parent of an LMS Graduate

  • Independent Learning

    "Montessori has helped my child become an independent and interested learner.  He is now in high school and I have never had to remind him to do his homework or bug him to get things done. He sets up his own study schedule and sticks to it."

    Parent of an LMS Graduate

  • Social Issues

    "I have been most appreciative of the emphasis on discussion of social issues that may arise between children.  My child has been taught to express his emotions politely and respectfully but to state them openly in a safe environment that helps him and others work through disagreements.  If only the whole world could learn that lesson!"

    Parent of an Upper Elementary Child

  • Montessori Materials

    "The beauty of the Montessori materials pleases me immensely.  I know my child does not consciously appreciate the aesthetics that I notice, but I know he is developing a sense of what is beautiful based on the balance and proportion of these materials."

    Parent of a Children's House Child

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