At Litchfield Montessori, the Lower Elementary classroom environment and curriculum is suited to meet the needs and tendencies of children aged 6-9 years of age. As the child enters Lower Elementary, they begin a journey of growth beyond individualistic concerns and toward an appreciation of their role in the classroom community, eventually developing an understanding of and respect for the diversity of ideas, peoples and cultures of the world.   The curriculum at Litchfield Montessori School in Lower Elementary enhances this natural growth by demonstrating that the major disciplines of language, science, mathematics, and social studies together help humans understand, explain and order their world.  Our students work both independently and cooperatively in questioning, researching, discovering, and explaining increasingly challenging concepts of the physical world.  The experienced teachers at LMS guide them in their studies as well as encourage the discussion of the important ethical concepts of justice and fairness, tolerance and appreciation, empathy and understanding. The foundations set by repeated experiences with concrete materials at the Children’s House level ready the student to move toward less concrete materials and abstract concepts in their Elementary education.

Parent Testimonial:

My child was so proud of her recent research project on the African pudu, an animal we had never heard of.  She confidently told us she had done “research” to find out all about this South African deer.  We were surprised because she is a very beginning reader, but she told us that an older student in the class had read the information to her.  Then she drew pictures of the animal and its habitat and made a lovely little book about it.  I have never seen her so thrilled with something she did at school!
-Parent of a Lower Elementary child